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Old Godber Tunnel

Thank you for visiting woodsturquoise.com. Here is a little something about us: We are Bruce and Jeri Woods, and we have owned the Godber Burnham mine since July of 1999. This mine has produced and continues to produce some of the best Turquoise in the world. We are a very small "mom and pop" operation. We both grew up in Austin and have been involved in mining all our lives. Mining Turquoise is a hobby for us so we produce a very limited amount of this very pretty Turquoise. We both work at a gold mine in Round Mountain, Nevada. Previous owners of the Godber mine followed the veins underground. A couple of the most recent owners, before us, started mining open pit trying to get down to the old Godber workings. We've continued with the open pit mining but this year we had to buy a dozer to "lay back" the pit walls so we can safely continue mining down. We mine the Godber Burnham ourselves, we have our stones wrapped locally. Our Turquoise is natural, and has never been treated, enhanced, or stabilized like some of the other turquoise you will find sold on the "World Wide Web". We know that there are other seller's out there claiming to sell Godber Burnham Turquoise, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. We know ours is. There is a lot of scuttlebutt out there on the "Net" about White Turquoise from the Drycreek Godber Burnham mine. We did find some white Turquoise like material, but samples that we sent in and had tested came back as Aluminite not Turquoise. The mine is located North East of Austin, Nevada. This area is also the home of the Drycreek Ranch owned by very good friends of ours, the Damale Family. They are famous for raising the Damale Curly horses. We have added some pictures of these beautiful curly horses to our web pages. We hope you enjoy our site.

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Bruce and Jeri Woods

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